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The Go Model


Unique commercial focus

The first & only commercial franchise painting brand

recession-proof market

Recession-tested model

The Commercial painting industry is resilient through all economic climates



Home office =
minimal overhead


Modest startup costs

Low startup cost compared to
similor franchises


Simple labor system

Using 1099 subcontractors simplifies management and production


B2B sales

Long term relationships with repeat customer base


Low marketing costs

More dollars to your bottom line


Large average job sizes

Large jobs = less projects for more revenue

Do you have a similar background to some of our successful partners?

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    The Aspiring Entrepreneur

    I've found some success thus far in my career and I'm wanting to start my own thing and make my own path. Autonomy is very important to me. How is Go a good fit for me?

    GO will provide the structure and brand for you to run your business. When you combine your talents, intellect, and desire for autonomy with the powerful GO brand and operational systems, the results will be greater economic freedom and extreme pride in the business you build without the stress of reinventing the wheel.

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    The Corporate Professional

    I've had a successful career in the corporate world but have always dreamed of starting my own business. Why would buying a franchise, specifically a Go franchise be a good fit for me?

    You are a seasoned professional and know what it takes to be successful. You also know how to establish relationships and provide value to others. However, the risk of starting a business is real and not having a brand or system to support you is dangerous. GO provides the team, brand, and support system to pave your entrepreneurial dreams. Combine your experience and talent with the GO brand and systems and change your life.

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    The Experienced Business Owner

    I've started and/or owned my own businesses in the past. I'm not a stranger to the grind of entrepreneurship. Can I be confident that Go painting is a smart choice for my next venture?

    You are a grinder and know what it takes to be successful. You have grown a successful business and now you are looking to take it to the next level of growth and value. The GO brand along with national relationships and experience can elevate your business to the next level. The GO systems will allow you to reach new heights of revenue, greater margins, and relationships that last a lifetime.

It's Go Time!

Discover how the Go brand is the right fit for you.

Get in on the Ground Level

Choose your territory and be the first to build relationships with clients and vendors in your metropolitan area.

Experience in the Industry

We have a proven sales model and approach that lead to successful relationships, and job-winning estimates that quickly generate revenue.

Why Commercial Painting?

Enjoy repeat business, large-scale projects, and greater margins.

Go Time

Want a Better Work/
Life balance?

Work from home

Not only are startup costs minimal, but the nature of commercial painting allows you to work from home.

Maximum flexibility

Set your own schedule while maintaining key relationships with subcontractors and clients.

Technology is your friend

With GoSee™, your clients are kept up to date with updates and project info so you focus on the other details.

Meet the Founders

We’ve built a team that doesn’t just know about how to build great franchises. We’ve built a team that knows how to build and operate successful painting companies. But beyond that, what makes Go the perfect franchise opportunity? Watch the video to see how!

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